Updates in July 2022
The Studio 💫
No updates to the Studio in August, but fear not–our Builder update this month is so exciting that you’ll quickly forget the sadness you are feeling.
The Builder 🔧
Buttons are here! 🎉 A new addition to the Pins family–Buttons let you add persistent in-app triggers to help drive user action.
  • This means that you can now drop a Button directly into your product that can act as a launcher for on-demand Flows and URL Links. It’s an awesome way to add persistent & non-invasive calls-to-action to help drive users to where you want, when
    want! Win-win! And all that without bothering your engineering teams.
  • And the good news just keeps rolling in because Buttons are live for all customers on Essentials, Growth, and Enterprise plans.
  • To start building, select Drop a Pin in the Builder and choose Button from the menu:
Untitled (9)
  • Super exciting, right? We can’t wait to see all the cool ways you start using Buttons! For more info on how to add a Button, read our help doc.
An update on the sibling of Buttons—Icon with Tooltips. Now, this Pin type closes after a user clicks a button or link within the tooltip.
Lastly, now available on all Experience types, creating Go To URL actions within any button will allow you to easily add a Profile Attribute to help with dynamic URLs.
Untitled (11)
Bug fixes 🐛💥
  • Flows:
    We’ve cleaned up some clutter and removed Flow navigation steps from being selectable as a targetable condition.
  • Accessibility:
    Fixed an accessibility issue by removing unnecessary ARIA labels on various Flow Experiences that created confusion for screen readers.
  • Accessibility:
    Fixed an accessibility issue by correctly labeling “Close” elements within our Flow Experiences.
  • Pins:
    Fixed an issue where Overlayed Icon w/ Tooltip Pins were not always being placed exactly where you clicked.
  • Pins:
    Fixed an issue for Icon with Tooltip Pins where the position of the Icon in preview didn’t match the position in a live setting.
  • Pins:
    Fixed an issue that required some Pin Icons to be double-clicked in order to be opened.
  • Pins:
    Fixed an issue where List/Bulleted items with Icon w/ Tooltip Pins were not maintaining proper formatting after saving.
  • Pins:
    Fixed an issue where some Pins were not working when they were placed inside dropdown menus.
  • Pins:
    Fixed an issue where folks could click buttons within Icon w/ Tooltip Pins even if the Tooltip was closed.
  • Flows:
    Fixed an issue so the Flow Builder will not crash when selecting the Rating content block.
  • Flows:
    Fixed an issue where Flows that started with a Navigation step could not see their Analytics.