Our Zapier integration just leveled up with 10+ new triggers to choose from.
More triggers = more Zaps = more time saved.
Imagine what you could do with all that free time! With this new version of the integration, you can now build Zaps based on users who start, skip, or interact with checklists, pins, and mobile flows. You can also trigger Zaps based on users who enter a segment. These automated workflows let you connect Appcues to 5,000+ apps so that your tools talk to each other like one big happy product-led family. ❤️
Here are some of the top ways we see teams using the integration already:
  • Pass updated user information into your CRM so that data flows automatically
  • Trigger automated emails based on in-app actions for a more seamless customer experience
  • Send NPS submissions to your team’s Slack channel to prompt quick action and followup
  • Push survey responses to Google Sheets to track feedback and create custom reports
Read our blog post to see more ideas and learn how to get started. ⚡