March 2023 Updates

What's New
New & improved 🆕✨
  • New Audience Targeting Options:
    Reach your audience in a more precise way! For Pins and Mobile Flows, you can now target your audience based on their interactions with other Pins and Mobile Flows. See a couple of quick ways to leverage these new options.
  • Appcues<>Rudderstack Integration:
    We've partnered with RudderStack to give you the ability to push key events (like completed flows and checklists, NPS scores, pin events, and more) directly from Appcues to RudderStack. Check out our latest post for all the details!
  • Sticky Content for Mobile Modals:
    Want to make sure an element stays put in your mobile modal? Now you can! Simply select the small pin icon📍above a content row to make it sticky. You can make the first or last row of content sticky. See an example in our full post.
  • Rich Text Editing for Mobile:
    Make your copy pop with our new rich text editing feature for mobile. You can differentiate text styles (color, font, and font size) within the same section to create copy that is easy to read and really stands out! 🎉
  • Step Indicator Enhancements:
    We've improved our step indicator buttons for mobile flows. You can now click them to open the settings sidebar and easily make changes. Plus, we've added the option to customize margins so the step indicators appear right where you want them.
  • Request a Mobile Review:
    Boost store ratings for your native app! You can now choose our new ‘Request Review Action’ as an action in the dismiss flow button settings. This will open an Apple or Google review prompt directly on the user’s device! ⭐ Learn more here.
In the works 🚧
  • Visual Journeys:
    Now in beta, Journeys give you a helpful new way to visualize your Appcues experiences! 👏 🗺️ Email Lyla to get access.
Bug fixes 🐛💥
  • Appcues Mobile iOS:
    We fixed an issue where the standard modal positioned at the bottom was not automatically adjusting its position when the keyboard was expanded.
  • Appcues<>Zapier Integration:
    We fixed an issue where our Zapier integration was failing to update user properties.
  • Appcues Extension:
    We fixed a bug that was forcing multiple login windows to open.