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July 2023 Updates

What's New
New & improved 🆕✨
  • Control Experiments:
    ICYMI control experimentation (or holdback testing) is here! Better measure impact on your flow’s key conversion goal by automatically excluding a control group from seeing your flow. 🧪🥂 Take a tour to get started, or check out the help doc.
  • Mobile Tooltips - Anchored:
    Available for Native iOS, Native Android, Flutter, and React Native Apps–you can now anchor a tooltip directly to an in-app element! It’s perfect for calling out new features and elements that move depending on screen size.
  • Mobile Screen Capture:
    Capture a screenshot directly from your mobile device to help make building mobile experiences easier.
  • Target New Users Easily:
    We’ve added a new auto-property called
    First Seen At
    . This is a timestamp of the first time a user has been seen by Appcues, making it easier to target new users in your app. 🙌
  • Shadow DOM Framework Support:
    Appcues' now handles Shadow DOMs, making it easy to point and click at any element inside the Shadow DOM you want to select.
  • Banners - Buttons & Templates:
    Now, you can add buttons to your banners and use that button to trigger another flow when clicked! 🥳 Additionally, to expedite building, we’ve added three new banner templates: new feature announcement, trial expiration, and webinar announcement. To use the new templates, head to the page you want to build on and open the Appcues Builder.
  • Session Recording Integrations:
    Pass events directly from Appcues to Fullstory, Hotjar, and LogRocket for a more complete picture of what your users are doing in your product.
  • Import Group Profiles via Public API:
    Create segments and target Appcues experiences to Group Profiles by importing the data via our new Public API endpoint
    Import Bulk Group Profile Data
  • Active Users:
    We’ve added mobile active users
    (if applicable to you)
    to the count on the Appcues Overview page for a better view of total active users across your products!
In the works 🚧
  • [Beta] Webhooks:
    Connect Appcues to even more tools with webhooks! Easily send real-time messages to your other tools when something happens with Appcues experiences. ⚙️💥 Check out the help doc and email Joey to get access.
Bug fixes 🐛💥
  • Banners:
    Fixed an issue where the banner was rendering on the page while editing.
  • Banners:
    Fixed an issue where overlay banners were being created with inconsistent position styles.
  • Mobile SDK:
    Fixed an issue on Android
    , Segment Android
    , and React Native
    where certain elements were unavailable for targeting tooltip content. A patch update has been released for the following platforms. Appcues Mobile Customers on these platforms are encouraged to upgrade the SDK version at their earliest convenience.