Appcues Webhooks are now available!
We’ve added Webhooks to make it easier to create connections between Appcues and your other tools––without extra steps or third-party apps for more seamless experiences (for you and your users).
What are Webhooks?
Webhooks enable a stream of information to flow from Appcues to another tool for real-time updates on the actions you care about.
What can I do with Webhooks?
Top ways our beta group have been using Webhooks to create automated connections:
  • Updating data in an internal database
  • Prompting updates in a CRM platform like Zoho CRM
  • Passing NPS and survey data to Airtable and Google Sheets
  • Triggering emails after actions (checklist completed, etc.), feature usage, and NPS
  • Creating workflows with third-party tools like IFTTT and Make
  • Altering product or feature behavior based on user action
Ready to dive In?