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April 2023 Updates

What's New
Make sure you scroll to the end–that beta list is heating up! 👀🔥
New & improved 🆕✨
  • Turbo/Turbolinks Support:
    We can now support web applications built on the Turbo/Turbolinks libraries. 🎉
  • HubSpot Integration:
    We’ve added a new screen to the configuration wizard when you enable the Appcues<>HubSpot integration. This will allow you to check on or off six core Appcues events sent from Appcues to HubSpot (instead of automatically sending everything over). For those folks using the integration who’d like to make changes to what’s being sent–revisit the new screen the next time you update your integrations setup in Studio.
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  • Enhanced Color Picker for Appcues Mobile:
     Our Color Picker component now has an EyeDrop tool to easily get colors from anywhere on the page! We’ve also improved the visibility of the Dot Color in our inputs using inset box shadow, making it much better for colors like #FFFFFF.
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  • Responsive Mobile Building:
    Maybe you had moments where you had to refresh your window to get your mobile device to resize. No more! Now, devices scale correctly when resizing the screen.
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In the works 🚧
  • [Beta] Banners:
    Our newest UI pattern will be available in the coming weeks! Banners are a great way to easily communicate important information to a large audience directly in your product. 🪧 Email Jeff to get access.
  • [Beta] Consolidated Flow Performance:
    Our new Performance Metrics page consolidates all the essential flow metrics you care about into a single location, providing a more holistic view of flow performance. 📊🎉 Email Joey to get access.
  • [Beta] Control experiments:
    Better measure the impact on your flow’s key conversion goal by automatically excluding a control group from seeing your flow. 🧪🥂 Email Joey to get access.
  • [Beta] Visual Journeys:
    Journeys give you a helpful new way to visualize your Appcues experiences! 👏 🗺️ Email Lyla to get access.