Our first inline pattern for mobile apps! Embeds are the easiest way to inject seamless-looking content and experiences directly into your mobile application.📱✨
Extremely versatile – Embeds are perfect for any experience:
  • Showcase personalized content and user information
  • Share important notifications like trial end dates and app upgrades
  • Market campaigns like new features, discounts, promotions and upsell prompts
  • Gather continuous user feedback
And all without interrupting your user's workflow!
When you build an Embed, you can:
  • Include text, images, emojis, icons with text, surveys, and buttons
  • Trigger other flows or survey users
  • Create a carousel for users to scroll through
  • Completely customize the look & feel to match your app
  • Choose between dismissable and non-dismissable
Login to Appcues to start embedding experiences within your app. For help getting started, check out our support doc.
Embeds are available for iOS, Android, Flutter, and Reactive Native frameworks.
Appcues Mobile customers will need to update their apps to
SDK Version 3.0.0
to use Embeds.
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